Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional development program for teachers.
See how it works at Bayside P-12 College

Who’s involved?

From Year 7 to Year 9 supported by the SRC Coordinator.

Students led the session during at an all staff meeting.

What’s it all about?

We participated in the Teach the Teacher program as a means of increasing the student voice at our campus. It was met with great enthusiasm from students who are always looking for ways to undertake meaningful activities – more than just fundraising activities. 

The SRC surveyed students around issues that they thought were important for the school. After a staff meeting workshop, led by students, ideas for further work emerged. When students compiled the information they gathered from this staff meeting they saw an opportunity to have some input into creating an improved learning environment. The SRC then conducted a further survey with teachers proposing three areas that they will work collaboratively with teachers on. 

Staff have been very interested in the feedback from students that has been presented to them in a formal setting. Students have been forthcoming on views about the way they are being taught and what they are learning. 

Teach the Teacher has been a very valuable way to enhance the relationship between our students and teachers. Students enjoy the idea that they can have input into their own learning and this has fueled an ongoing interest from other students, not directly connected to the SRC. 


Students identified the following topic for their session:  

  • Student-teacher relationships 


To improve student-teacher relationships by collaborating with teachers to create improved learning environments 


  • Collaborating with teachers in the areas of implementing homework, lesson intentions and making learning fun 
  • Teachers taking student feedback more seriously 
  • Improved student-teacher relationships 

Next Steps

This is the first time this has been tried at our school but the feedback from staff and students is that this will be a process that we will incorporate into the Student Council every year.